Introducing Authorize.Net Payment Integration

Written by Formstack on October 24, 2008

Posted in Formstack Updates

You’ve been asking us for more payment integration methods since the day we first introduced PayPal.  Those requests did not fall on deaf ears, as we’ve been working behind the scenes to give you multiple payment options.  With that said, we are proud to introduce Authorize.Net as one of our latest payment integrations.

To integrate Authorize.Net into your form, click on the Settings tab for the form, then choose Payment Integration from the left menu and then Enable Authorize.Net.

You will need your API Login ID and API Transaction Key.  To find these, log into your Authorize.Net account, click on Support and then click on Account < Settings < Security Settings < API Login ID and Transaction Key.

One thing that’s different when using Authorize.Net instead of Paypal or Google Checkout is that your form will need to have fields on it for both credit card number and expiration date in addition to at least one price field.  We now offer a pre-built order form inside the form builder that already has these fields on it and provides a starting point for creating your own form.

There’s plenty of optional data you can pass on to Authorize.Net as well, such as shipping, tax, card verification code, etc.  You can also set your form up to pass info for multiple items to Authorize.Net instead of a single item, just as you can with the other payment methods we offer.

You will also need to adjust your security settings when accepting credit cards.Our terms of service require you to use data encryption when storing credit card numbers in our database.

Let us know your thoughts about how you might use and Formstack in the comments below!