Formstack User Profile: Evolving Solutions

Written by Chris Lucas on June 4, 2008

Posted in Case Studies

With a title like “Chief Love Officer” you know that Chris Nadeau likes to think differently than his competitors. That’s why it was refreshing to talk with Chris and find out how he and his crew at Evolving Solutions were using Formstack and its online form building tools.

By utilizing the private label options Evolving Solutions has integrated the Formstack form builder with their content management system “Big Santo” as well as with the rest of their company.

Check out the interview below with Chris and see how they have creatively integrated Formstack with their business. And remember you can contact us, if you are interested in participating in our User Profile series.

Company: Evolving Solutions

FS: Tell us a little bit about your business, who is your target market, what makes you different, etc.?

ES: We eat & sleep “THE WEB” and we help small businesses grow their business through web marketing by: Keeping it simple We speak in non-technical terms & cater to businesses of any size….we worry about the tech stuff so you don’t have to!

FS: How did you hear about about Formstack?

ES: Blog –

FS: How do you currently use Formstack?

ES: We use Formspring to help make the websites we build using our “Big Santo” product better. With the integration of Formspring our clients can now collect data from their websites very easily. It makes for a much more interactive experience on their websites

FS: Any other ways you might use it?

ES: Everywhere and anywhere we need to collect data online! Now that I think of it, if there was a way to create a voting like system with your forms that tabulates votes, that would be cool

FS: How has Formstack solved a business/organizational issue

ES: It has allowed us to focus on what we do best and offer a cost effective option to our customers that want a dynamic form on their websites.

FS: What do you like best about the product?

ES: Ease of use, with rock on functionality.

FS: What features do you find most helpful

ES: Embedding with JavaScript

FS: What improvements to Formstack would you like to see?

ES: Keep doing what you are doing. Everything is all good!

FS: Any specific features you would like to see?

ES: The online voting option would be cool, as mentioned above.

FS: Any other tips/tricks/words of wisdom you would like to share with others users/readers?

ES: The share data option with Formspring is amazing. Customers love the forms on their websites, but for them to slice and dice their data easily from one link you provide in Formspring makes you and your organization look like a genius.