Formstack Announces New Payment Features

Written by Chris Lucas on October 16, 2008

Posted in Formstack Updates

We’ve had our PayPal integration for a while now and many of you are using it for order forms, event registration forms, ticket promotions and more.  But one of the requests we often get is “do you integrate with other processors?” We are proud to announce that today we are launching some enhanced features to our PayPal integration as well as new integration with Google Checkout, and First Data.

With our new integration you will now be able to choose – or give your customers the opportunity to choose how they submit payments to you. Obviously PayPal has been in the game for a while and Google Checkout is quickly becoming a popular online payment option, but, the largest online payment gateway and First Data, one the largest credit card processors, allow for a greater variety of payment processing.  It also allows companies already using their services to integrate their online forms with their current payment systems.

Google Checkout and PayPal integration will be available for our Professional accounts and above and and First Data integration will be available for Business and Unlimited accounts. Features of the new integrations include:


  • Single product and multi-product payment options
  • Recurring or subscription payment options
  • Easy donation options for nonprofit organizations
  • Custom return URL

Google Checkout:

  • Single and multi-product payment options
  • Custom return URL and First Data

  • Single product and multi-product payment options
  • Ability to save credit card information in your secure Formstack database

In the upcoming days we will be publishing some more posts on how to use each service and how you can use the different payment options with your web forms and how features like Smart Routing can really enhance the new payment features. So stay tuned, and in the meantime let us know how you plan to use the payment features with our quick survey, or feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts in the comments below.

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