Formstack User Profile: Stephen Oliver

Written by Chris Lucas on May 12, 2008

Posted in Case Studies

As we have said before, one of the great things about doing these user profiles is seeing the ways in which people are using our online form builder. Stephen Oliver is a teacher and is using Formstack for his teaching and in his role as a registrar for teacher conferences.

Read below on how Stephen uses Formstack, and if you are interested in sharing your story, contact us, and we will be more than happy to share your story as well!

FS: Tell us a little bit about how you use Formstack?

SO: I use FS to gather student information at the beginning of semester. I also use various forms to gather feedback etc from my course blog. As well, I am a registrar for several teacher oriented conferences. I use forms to gather and manage registration data for participants.

FS: How did you hear about Formstack?

SO: I was growing frustrated by the limitations of the free FormMail script and the associated levels of spam I received. I did a search on the web for alternatives and came across FS.

FS: How has Formstack solved a business/organizational issue?

SO: Provides a quick and simple way to build and maintain forms as well as offering an online backup of data. I like also being able to share a URL with conference colleagues where they can check out the data re: various conferences.

FS: What do you like best about the product?

SO: Simple, intuitive, drag and drop. Hard to go wrong. No spam so far!

FS: What features do you find most helpful?

SO: I like the multi-branching feature of the forms (helps eliminate mistakes and overlooked requests) as well as the customizing of auto emails to submitters. The emails I receive also are a great way for me to stay on top of the submissions.

FS: What improvements to Formstack would you like to see?

SO: I would like to see more logic capabilities build into forms – ie. ways to check for duplicate choices when I’ve asked people to select two different options – first and second. Or to only accept 10 digits in a phone number, etc. Also, how about offering some formatting capabilities – I hate it when people submit info in ALL CAPS or all lower case. Could FS not have the ability to convert this to a requested style before forwarding it on to me or posting it in the database? When building a long form, it can become tedious scrolling through it all. It would be great to be able to temporarily hide certain parts of a form. I would also like it to be simpler to add a custom graphic banner without having to go in and alter the HTML.