New Feature: Data Editing Within Your Online Forms

Written by Chris Lucas on September 4, 2007

Posted in Formstack Updates

Today we are happy to announce a new feature that allows you to edit submitted data from within the Formstack admin tool. It allows you to manage the data you collect so you can fix any user errors or incorporate fields for internal use only. For example, you can create a “For Office Use Only” section within your forms

Below is an example of how to set up a “For Office Use Only” section on your form and how to edit the data using our new data editing feature.

In the first screen we have our contact form


After you have built your contact form you can add hidden fields to it by simply adding the desired fields and checking the “Hidden” box next to the field type. This will allow you to enter any fields you want to add after the user submits their data such as a “Registration ID”, a “Date Processed” field or anything else you want to add after the form is submitted.


After you have created your form and users have filled it out. Login to your form and access your data. Click on the “All Data” tab to see all of your data. Click on any submitted user’s information. and you will see an “Edit” icon. Click on the icon and you now can edit the data for that particular user.


You can then add a registration ID Number or enter the date which the form/application was processed etc. You will see a yellow bar at the top and bottom of the page indicating that you are Editing the Form Submission. After you have filled in the proper areas make sure to click “Update Record” and the new data will be saved.


Now you can export your data to a .CSV or .RTF without having to clean it up in Word or Excel and it will be ready to use as soon as you export it.

If you have other uses you think might be useful for others, leave a comment below and let us know how you will be utilizing this cool new feature.