Multi-User Accounts are Here

Written by Chris Lucas on October 9, 2007

Posted in Formstack Updates

One of the most frequent requests we receive from customers is a way to provide Formstack account access to others without having to share their admin username and passwords. We are excited to finally release that functionality today.

The new multi-user capability is great for agencies who want to give a range of access to their clients, businesses that want to share forms across different departments and locations, or any organization that has multiple people who need access to forms and submitted data.


You can purchase additional users at $14.00/month per user or you can add a variety of user packs. The pricing for each pack is below.

  • 5 Pack $11.20/month per user (20% discount)
  • 10 Pack $10.50/month per user (25% discount)
  • 25 Pack $9.80/month per user (30% discount)
  • 50 Pack $9.10/month per user (35% discount)
  • 100 Pack $ 8.40/month per user (40% discount)

This pricing only applies to unique users added to your account. You can still send form data to unlimited email recipients, give others access to submitted data with share URLs, or set passwords on public forms — all without having to purchase additional users.

Adding Users

You can add a new user by going to Account > Users and clicking on the “create one now” link.


Here you can enter the user’s information on this page and give them permission to create forms or create templates. You can also give them full admin access to the account. Once you create the new user, you can opt to have them emailed a temporary password along with details for logging in.

Form Permissions

To set user permissions for individual forms, click the “Form Permissions” tabs on the left hand side. You will see a screen that has a list of all of your forms in your account – similar to this:


Here you can control what a user can do with each form:

  • Read – Can view, search and download submitted data for selected form
  • Write – Can view, search, download and edit submitted data for selected form.
  • Full – Complete access to data, form builder and settings for selected form

Template Permissions

You can also set user permissions for individual templates by clicking on the “Template Permissions” tab. Like the form permissions area, you will see a list of your templates like this:


Here you can control what a user can do with each template:

  • Use – Can use selected template on a form, but can’t change it
  • Edit – Full access to use, edit and delete selected template


You can get started adding users by going here. We’d love to know what you think about the new functionality — leave us a comment below or contact us.