Maximizing Your Forms: Skip Branching Logic

Written by Chris Lucas on September 26, 2007

Posted in Form Hacks

Creating a great user experience is key to getting the right types of responses to your forms. Many people have created contact, order, or newsletter sign up forms but don’t have the type of responses they had anticipated. One often overlooked reason is that people want forms that are easy to use and don’t take a large amount of time to complete. Users who are giving you their information want to know that they can do so with little effort on their part, so creating fields and showing only useful questions that pertain to them goes a long way in creating “friendly” forms.

Within Formstack there are some very nice tools that allow you to create forms that provide a great user experience. The Skip/Branching logic option allows you to show and hide fields that are only pertinent to users who answer questions in certain ways. Below is a quick walk through on how to set up a form with Skip/Branching logic.

We have built a form for our “First Annual Super Supper” and have created basic contact fields at the top of the form.


We have created an “Attending” field with a “Yes” or “No” option. If the user responds “Yes” we want to provide them with a dinner option but want to hide it until they make a selection. To do this we create a “Radio Button” and enter the dinner options. Click the “Use Skip/Branching Logic” button, then choose to show the field if “Attending is Yes”.


We can also add fields with multiple layers. For instance, if the respondent replies “No” to the “Attending” question, we can add a “Would you like to make a donation” question, and if they reply “Yes” we can then show the dollar donation amounts.


Here is how the form looks to the user prior to filling it out


And how the form would appear with the Skip/Branching logic showing the dinner option


And finally how the multiple Skip/Branching logic would appear to the user if they had chosen not to attend but wanted to donate.


So as you can see by using some of the tools withing the Formstack form builder you can create a better user experience and receive the types of responses you want from your forms. Have any great examples of how you use the Skip/Branching logic tool? Leave a link to your form or a screen shot below.