Maximizing Your Forms: Redirecting to External URLs

Written by Chris Lucas on November 28, 2007

Posted in Form Hacks

In the last post we discussed how you can use the Messages and Redirects feature to create custom messages for your users after they have filled out a form. Another way to continue to market or reach your customers and web users is to use the redirect option. The redirect option in the form builder allows you to set up multiple page forms, send to external or partner sites, or create other opportunities for your visitors to continue to interact with your site once they have completed a form.

To start, login to your account and select the form that you want to set up. Click the “settings” icon and select the “Messages and Redirects” tab. You will see a few different options to choose from. Select the “Redirect to External URL” and enter the URL in the box.


This is great if you are running a program with a partnering web site or have another special offer site you want to direct your customers to.

A more powerful way to use the redirects is to use the “Append Submitted Data to URL” option. Check the option below the URL box.


Selecting this option and inputing the forms URL, allows you to redirect to the other form and pre-fill similar fields. For instance, if you have a an order form and want to redirect to a customer feedback form after a customers has submitted their order, you can redirect to the feedback form with the name, address, and other contact information already filled out.

This is a screen shot of the initial form your user would fill out:


And this shows the redirect to the survey. As you can see using the append data option, the name, address and email are already filled in, now the user can just fill out the survey portion of the form.


By using the redirects and messages tools within the Formstack form builder you can create better experiences for your customers and continue to keep them on your site once they have completed a desired action.

Have an example of ways you are using the redirects and messaging options? Drop a note in the comments or visit our forums and share with other Formstack users.