Maximizing Your Forms – Multi User vs Sharing Data

Written by Chris Lucas on October 18, 2007

Posted in Form Hacks

Now that we have launched our new multi user functionality we thought it would be a good idea to run through a post of the difference between using our share features and using the multi user functionality.

The multi user functionality was built specifically for the people who have multiple people logging in and making changes to forms, templates, using data, editing data and utilizing all aspects of an account. Multi users are great for agencies or web design/creative professionals who have multiple clients who require online forms for their web sites and want to give read/write/full permissions to some or all of their forms and templates. The multi user accounts are also great for businesses who have multiple business units that are creating forms and accessing data, but don’t necessarily want everyone to have the same permissions on each form or template.

That being said, we still have a few options that allow people to view data and form submissions without having to create a multi user account.

The first way is to use the “Share URL” feature. The share URL creates a unique URL that you can send to clients, partners, colleagues, etc. to share the submitted data. There are two URL’s that you can choose to send. The first will allow the person to see and search ALL submitted data. The second URL will show the person just the Summary view. To view the Share URL area, simply login to your account, go to your data and click the “Share” tab on the left hand side. A screen shot below illustrates what the page looks like.


The next option is to share information in your account is to use the RSS feature. It can also be found in the Share area of your form’s data page. We describe in detail about using RSS in this post, but it can also be a way to view and share data without having to share user name and password information.

The third way to share data is to use the email notification feature. In the “Settings” area choose the “Collecting Data” tab. You will see a box where you can add email addresses. Any email address you add here will automatically receive notification when a submission is made. This will allow you to see each record as it is submitted.


This will hopefully help you decide how to best use your Formstack account and how multiple people can access information for your account and if you need to add multiple users or if you can simply use some of the features to maximize your online form experience. If you still have questions feel free to start a discussion in our forums or contact us.