Maximizing Your Forms – Messages and Redirects

Written by Chris Lucas on November 20, 2007

Posted in Form Hacks

Most people go to great lengths to make sure that they have set up their forms to maximize the user experience during the submission process, however, an important opportunity is often over looked after users hit the submit button. Using the form builder, and our Messages and Redirects options, you can provide your customers and visitors with a great experience and capitalize even after they have submitted their information. For this post we will focus on how to create custom messages and provide value to your users after they click away from your form.

To start, login to your account and select the form that you want to set up. Click the “settings” tab or icon and select the “Messages and Redirects” tab. You will see a few different options to choose from. The default setting is to show the default message which says “The form was submitted successfully. Thank You.”


To create a custom message click the “display custom message” radio button and a WYSIWYG editor will appear. You can type out your message and insert an image using the editor. You can also customize the message using the “Insert Fields” option which is just below the editor. This allows you to insert fields from your form into your message. To create an order confirmation input the user’s name and address information to show the shipping information in the message.


Once your users have filled out the form they will see a message that looks like this:


You can also designate to send a confirmation email to your users. If you select the “Send Confirmation Email to Submitter” a WYSIWYG editor will appear. Similarly to the custom message option you can insert field labels, images and format the message to customize the confirmation email as much or as little as you wish.


Once the user has submitted their information they will receive the email message that you created, for this example it would look like this:


Make sure to save all your changes and your form will be ready to go with your new settings.