Formstack User Profile: Eden Creative Communities

Written by Chris Lucas on October 24, 2007

Posted in Case Studies

We are back with a new user profile. We were able to talk with Cyan of Eden Creative Communities. As I mentioned in one of our earlier user profiles, it is always fun to see the diverse group of businesses and individuals who are using Formstack. Eden is one of those unique companies, it is a company that provides tools and services for creative individuals and has a family of sites, like FreelanceSwitch. Take a read below about how Eden and FreelanceSwitch is using Formstack and then head over to some of their great sites to learn more about what they do.



Company: Eden Creative Communities

Website: /

Overview: FreelanceSwitch is a resource and community aimed at freelance designers, programmers, writers, illustrators and photographers. It is home to a blog of daily information and advice, as well as resources, forums and job listings. We launched about 6 months ago and have quickly gained over 15,000 readers and 500,000 visitors a month.

FS: How did you hear about Formstack?

ECC: We searched for form building software on Google and Formspring popped up!

FS: How do you currently use Formstack?

ECC: I use Formspring for a multitude of contact forms for FreelanceSwitch. On FreelanceSwitch we have a general contact form, a contributor contact form, an interview contact form, a product review contact form and now a podcast and job board contact form. I’m in the midst of setting up forms for Eden’s other content sites too.

FS: Any other ways you might use it?

ECC: I haven’t thought about it, but I know that if I need to resolve a contact issue on any of our sites there will be a way to do it on Formspring.

FS: How has Formstack solved a business/organizational issue?

ECC: We were having real difficulties dealing with the volume of emails we were receiving, and Formspring solved all that. I originally had email addresses on the site, but as FreelanceSwitch rose in popularity I found I was getting hundreds of emails every day from readers, which was wonderful, but left me trawling through emails for the best part of my day. Our readers get in touch for a dozen different reasons, some of them more pressing than others. We can now easily categorize our emails by urgency and importance, and the automatic confirmation email means that even if workload doesn’t allow us to get back to everyone who writes to us they can still know their message was received and read.

We were also able to guide anyone who got in touch to provide relevant information right from the get-go, rather than me having to write back to request it. This saves everyone time.

FS: What do you like best about the product?

ECC: It is so easy to use and it works so well! If I need to make changes to our sites I generally need to harass our overworked designer and/or developer, but with Formspring I can create forms or alter them all by myself. If I need to create a new form I just send them the url of the form when it’s done and they can set it up in a flash. So I save myself and our staff time, and the result is better too!

It has also been very very effective in lessening my workload – especially those niggly little admin tasks that take you away from important work.

FS: What features do you find most helpful?

ECC: Branching logic! That is such a nifty functionality. I have been able to merge about six traditional forms into one with it, and it’s so easy for people to use. I also love that I can send data straight to my writers and to myself also, so I can keep track of what’s happening with the site but I don’t need to keep forwarding emails back and forth.

FS: What improvements to Formstack would you like to see?

ECC: I can’t think of any – but if I do I’ll let you know 🙂

FS: Any specific features you would like to see?

ECC: None that I can think of right now

FS: Any other tips/tricks/words of wisdom you would like to share with others users/readers?

ECC: I found it was worthwhile to really take the time to plan my forms properly. So for me, I thought of every reason a reader might contact me (for a product review, to give feedback or to be interviewed for instance), and then planned out exactly what I needed from them in that initial email to have all the information I needed. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve done since I started running FreelanceSwitch to increase my productivity. If you run a business where you receive a lot of mail I cannot recommend it highly enough.