Form Building For Non Profits

Written by Chris Lucas on August 24, 2007

Posted in Formstack Updates

Yesterday we had a great opportunity to showcase Formstack to a group of non profits here in the local Indianapolis area, thanks to our friends at NPower (if you are a non profit and need tech help search for your nearest chapter).

We were able to showcase Formstack and how it can be used for multiple non profit uses. It was great to see the excitement of potential users who, as of yesterday, had no idea that a once costly and time consuming issue, like creating online forms, could easily be solved with a simple web solution. We were able to get some great responses of how non profits use and could use Formstack. From creating volunteer recruitment forms, fund raising/event registration forms, surveys, feedback and newsletter forms, the possibilities seemed endless.

The feedback and positive responses were awesome. It is always exciting when we show people Formstack and we can see their minds race to figure out how they can implement it and how they can use it to solve a need within their organization. We hope to do a few more presentations for non profits and others in the Indy and surrounding areas, if you are interested in learning more let us know. If you are a non profit organization drop a comment below and let us know how you are using Formstack or contact us and we can share your story in our customer highlight series.