File uploads are here

Written by Formstack on March 16, 2007

Posted in Formstack Updates

You may have already noticed the changes over the last week, but I wanted to announce that you’re finally able to create file upload fields on forms:


When you create a file upload field you can specify a list of allowed file extensions, or use an asterisk “*” to allow any file extension. In your form’s settings you can specify whether you’d like to receive the file uploads as attachments in notification emails, or if you’d only like to receive them as attachments if they’re below a certain size. If you choose not to receive the files as attachments your emails will contain a link where you can view or download the file.

Each form is limited to a total submission size of 10 MB, while your account can store uploads according to the plan you’re on:

Bronze: 250 MB
Silver: 500 MB
Gold: 1 GB
Platinum: 2 GB

Sorry, file uploads are not available for free accounts.

Let us know how the new functionality is working out for you, or if you have any questions.