A Look at the New Formstack

Written by Chris Lucas on July 29, 2007

Posted in Formstack Updates

Much like the kids on Christmas morning the Formstack offices are buzzing with delight. We have been tempting you the last two weeks with promises of upgrades and enhancements, and well, today is the day the shiny paper is unwrapped. We are proud to provide a recap of the new features and redesigns below.

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Completely Redesigned Administration Interface

  1. Thumbnail views of forms and templates so you can easily recognize what you’re working on
  2. Pop-up form and template controls so you can quickly access functionality
  3. Additional information about your forms on the main page like number of views and date created
  4. Sort your forms and templates by name, date created, and more
  5. Form and Template lists consolidated to central view for easier administration


Form Builder

  1. Drag and drop to add field into the middle of your form
  2. Drag and drop to rearrange fields
  3. Pop-up field controls to quickly access functionality
  4. New field duplication tool to quickly create multiple fields


Field Settings

  1. Redesigned dialog window used in adding and editing fields
  2. Improved skip/branching logic user interface
  3. New pre-select options for select lists, checkboxes and radio buttons


Form Settings

  1. Reorganized grouping of settings to make configuring your forms more intuitive
  2. Inline help text to explain advanced settings
  3. New setting for email notifications that tells Formstack to only send the link to data via email


Data Views

  1. Redesigned search interface
  2. Improved navigation controls
  3. Great new summary view to quickly visualize collected data


All New Template Builder

  1. Point-and-click template builder to configure styles
  2. Addition of dozens of new styles to help you easily tweak the look of your forms: easily upload header and footer images, change text, background and border colors, change fonts, control layout, and more
  3. Addition of CSS field to quickly add custom styles to your templates