New features

Written by Formstack on October 2, 2006

Posted in Formstack Updates

A number of new features have been released this week:

RTF (Microsoft Word) Exports

In addition to downloading form submissions in Excel format, you can now download a Word document that contains all your submissions for easy viewing and printing. To access this, go to the Form Data page, click Download and select the RTF file format.

User-Friendly URLs

Now instead of your forms all having a URL that looks something like:

You can create a URL that’s more user-friendly like:

To create user-friendly URLs:

  1. Go to your account page and supply an alias for your account. e.g. “acme” if your account is for Acme, Inc.
  2. Go to your form settings page and supply an alias for your form. e.g. “registration”.

More information can be found in the FAQ, How do I create a user-friendly URL for my form?

Sending Form Data to Another URL

You now have an option to pass the data submitted in the form to another URL using the Redirect URL field. Under your form settings, you’ll see a checkbox, Append submitted data to URLnext to the Redirect URLfield. If you check that, data from the form submission will be added to the redirect URL query string like:

Pre-Populating Form Fields

You can also now add values to your form URL to pre-populate fields. This could be helpful if you want to link users to the form from another form or application where you already collected some of the data from the user.

For example, the following will pre-populate the contact form with the name “John Doe”:

To view the field names that are available for your form, go to the Use page for your form and look at the sample input form at the bottom of the page.