New Features: PayPal Integration, Stock Themes, and more

Written by Formstack on October 24, 2006

Posted in Formstack Updates

A number of new features were released this week:

PayPal Integration

Now it’s easy to integrate your form with PayPal to process online payments or donations.

  1. Go to your Form Settings page.
  2. Select Redirect to PayPal under the Web Confirmation area.
  3. Enter your PayPal account email address in the Business field, and set any of the other PayPal Options you need.

PayPal integration functionality is available to Silver accounts or higher.

Calculating Form Fields

You can now create self-calculating form fields, handy for order forms or anywhere that you might need to compute a number based on what a user selects on a form. View a demo of how this works.

Hidden and Read-Only Fields

You can now make fields hidden and/or read-only. This is helpful if you want to pre-populate fields on your form without making them accessible to the user, or for a calculating field which you don’t want a user to modify. To make a field hidden or read-only, check the appropriate box on the Field Options page.

Separate Values for Select/Radio/Checkbox Options

It used to be that when creating select lists, radio buttons or checkboxes, the value that was displayed to the user had to be the same value that was saved in the database. Now you can set a different value for each label with the following syntax: Label##Value. For example, if you were creating a select list for U.S. states, an option “Indiana##IN” would display “Indiana” in the list but save the value “IN” in the database.

Stock Templates

Everyone now has access to 6 stock templates that you can use to style your form. Go to your Form Settings page and select one of the templates under the Template area. To preview the templates, click on the thumbnails below:

gray.jpg green.jpg brown.jpg
red.jpg blue.jpg black1.jpg

Of course, Bronze subscribers or higher still have access to create custom templates, and upload their own header and footer images.