An easier way to use your forms remotely

Written by Formstack on March 27, 2006

Posted in Formstack Updates

There’s now an easier way to use your forms remotely. If you want to include a form on your own site within an existing page, you don’t have to download and manipulate the HTML anymore.

Just go to the “Use Form” page in the Formstack administration tool and grab the HTML that contains the script tags. Include the code in the spot on your page that you want the form displayed. That’s all — just one line of HTML. This works with all the major Formstack features such as multi-page forms, skip/branching logic, required fields, password-protected forms, and so on.

Besides being easier to use, the advantage of using this method rather than downloading the full HTML code is that you don’t have to do anything if you decide to change your form in the Formstack administration tool — changes will be displayed instantly on your site.

You can still link directly to the form hosted on the Formstack site or download the HTML as always.