A side-by-side comparison: Formstack vs. RegOnline

Collect more ticket money with online forms.

RegOnline is a great tool for managing tickets for your event, but their pricey transaction fee means less profit for your team. Read on to learn how online forms can let you keep more from every ticket, while giving you the freedom to engage with your attendees.

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Beware of added fees!

RegOnline charges almost $4 per every ticket sold. Depending on the price of your event, that can really hurt your profits. Even worse, that doesn't even include the fees that your payment gateway might charge! Ouch.

Cost of Event Management Platforms

RegOnline event management platforms cost comparison

Formstack charges a low monthly fee for access to its online form builder—there are no transaction fees. Plus, you can use our tool to build other forms for your event—like volunteer signups, surveys, and contracts!

NOTE: All costs above do not include payment integration processing fees, which are dependent on the provider.

Comparing Event Management Solutions

Formstack gives you the power to do more than just sell tickets. With an online form builder, you can send event info in a confirmation email, give attendees the power to name their price, and create follow-up surveys. When using RegOnline, your attendee engagement stops after they've registered.

Formstack vs Event Management Platforms

Formstack EventBrite RegOnline TicketLeap
Formstack EventBrite RegOnline TicketLeap

Monthly Price

$39 $0 $0 $0

Service Fee

$0 2.5% + $.99
per ticket
per registrant
2% +$1
per ticket

Payment Processors

11 2 12 2

Printable Tickets

Name-Your-Own-Price Tickets

Shareable Attendee List

Attendee Surveys

Discount Codes

Multiple Users


Free Themes

Mobile Apps

Apple Windows Android Apple Apple Android Apple Android

*Formstack limits it at 1GB for this level, but you can increase your file upload storage with Dropbox or Box integrations.

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Maximize attendee retention with Integrations

The beauty of using an online form to sell tickets is your ability to pass data to one of our powerful integrations, such as an email marketing platform or CRM. Capture more data during every sale, engage with your audience and increase attendance at future events.

Switch from RegOnline and manage more than ticketing.

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