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FluidSurveys to Formstack

SurveyMonkey is shutting down FluidSurveys and requiring all FluidSurveys customers to manually move their surveys and submissions over to the SurveyMonkey platform. Sounds like a major headache, right?

We agree. Which is why we're offering a quick, simple solution with Formstack.

Formstack is a versatile online form builder that can do more than just surveys. While you'll be able to find a comfortable home for your surveys with us, you'll also get access to loads of powerful features and integrations that you could never get with FluidSurveys or SurveyMonkey.

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We have an awesome group of Support folks waiting on standby to reduce the stress of moving your surveys to Formstack. With a 96% customer happiness rating, our Support team is here for you no matter what challenges you face during the transition.

See how we stack up on features.

Fluid Surveys
Unlimited Questions
3rd-party Integrations
Payment Integrations
Full HTML Code
Skip Logic
Email Support
Annual Discount
Nonprofit Discount
Annual Discount
Data Export
File Uploads
Hidden Fields
Electronic Signatures
Approval Workflow
Partial Submissions
Social Autofill
Overage Charges

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Here are 4 things SurveyMonkey can't do.

Custom branding and URLs

You won't lose your branded forms and URLs with Formstack. Create unlimited professional form themes for your organization with customized fonts, colors, images, buttons, sliders, sections, and much more. We even have over 100 form templates already built so you can get started right away. You can also keep your branding consistent with custom subdomains on all Formstack plan levels.

File uploads and payments

What's the use of having a form if you can't collect vital information with it? Rest assured that you'll still be able to collect payments and file uploads with Formstack. Connect your forms to any of our 11 payment integrations including PayPal,, and Stripe. And don't forget to add a File Upload field to collect resumes, cover letters, photos, and more and store them in our cloud storage.

Multiple-user accounts

Team work makes the dream work, right? But it's hard to work as a team if you can't invite all your colleagues to share your account. Instead of limiting you to 3 users unless you purchase a more expensive plan, Formstack offers 10+ users on all plans. Share the power of forms with your team, get more work done, and automate repetitive tasks with handy features like Approval Workflow.

Popular app integrations

Formstack is about so much more than just surveys. Our 40+ web app integrations, 60+ Zapier connections, and API and Webhooks capabilities create endless possibilities for managing data across your entire organization. Send submitted contact information to your CRM, update email lists with new subscribers, collect payments, manage spreadsheets, and much more.

Quick and easy survey templates.

Check out our collection of survey templates made just for you.

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