A side-by-side comparison: Formstack vs. Client Heartbeat

What is the best online survey site?

Client Heartbeat and Formstack are both great tools for building surveys. But what if you need more than just survey forms? When you compare Formstack and ClientHeartbeat, you'll find that Formstack gives you more flexibility to create the forms you need.

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How we stack up on features

Formstack and Client Heartbeat are both strong tools for building surveys. Flexibility with types of forms and more advanced features make Formstack a powerful and versatile app. Here's how we compare to Client Heartbeat, along with some other alternative survey apps.

Online Survey Builder Comparison Chart

ClientHeartbeat Google Forms Fluid Surveys Formstack SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey

Client Heartbeat

Google Forms

Fluid Surveys




Unlimited Surveys

Unlimited Questions

3rd-party Integrations

0 0 14 40+ 21 19

Payment Integrations

0 0 2 11 0 0

Mobile Apps

Android AppleWindowsAndroid Apple

Full HTML Code

Skip Logic

Email Support

Annual Discount

Nonprofit Discount

Overage Charges

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Here are 3 things that Client Heartbeat can't do.

Build Any Form

You want to capture customer feedback about experiences with your brand. But a flexible tool like Formstack opens up unlimited options to engage customers. Create contests, contact forms, event registrations, order forms, and more.

Client Heartbeat is tailored for customer feedback. Field types and a lack of payment integrations limit form creation.

Process Payments

Sell products, register attendees, or accept donations with one of our 11 payment gateway integrations. Top-notch security means you can rest easy collecting credit card information from your customers. And the other good news? Formstack doesn’t charge any processing fees.

Client Heartbeat does not integrate with any payment processors, meaning you cannot accept payments.

See Advanced Analytics

Leverage Formstack's Google Analytics plugin and in-app metrics to identify the areas of your form that cause people to leave. Track form views, abandonment rates, and referral sites to iterate on your form and boost conversion rates.

Client Heartbeat offers no form analytics. However, they do feature charts that summarize form responses.

Do more than just surveys.

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