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A side-by-side comparison: Formstack vs. Adobe PDF Forms

Say Hello to the PDF Alternative.

Formstack provides an alternative to creating difficult PDF forms. Use our online software to build the same forms you would in a PDF, but in an easily sharable, online version.

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The Lowdown on Function

PDFs can be functional and serve a purpose, but the software programs make them difficult to build and time consuming to fill out. When you really want flexibility, simplicity, and features, Formstack takes the cake.

By the way, Formstack stores all your data.

Formstack vs PDF forms

Formstack pdf
Formstack PDFs

Secure Forms (SSL)

Form Analytics

Mobile-friendly / Responsive

Database to Store Your Data

Streamlined e-signatures


Live Hosting Online

Faster Page Load

Mobile Apps


Payment Processing

Multiple Account Users

File Upload Storage

Discount Codes

*You can accomplish electronic signatures with PDFs, but you must go through multiple steps. With Formstack, sign the signature field with your mouse, and you're done.

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What about my data?

The Formstack application stores all of your submission data safely inside your Formstack account. You can access any submission and export data at anytime. No need to dig through emails to search for lost PDF documents and email threads.

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Need to go mobile?

Sometimes, you want to check your data on the go. With Formstack, you can view submissions on our iPhone, Android, iPad or Windows mobile apps. Sadly, with regular old PDFs, you've got to find that pesky document in your inbox and then zoom in to view it.

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"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol | Creative: MMS

"Formstack is the only form builder that is flexible AND reasonably priced. Plus, the integrations are awesome!"

Skyler Camacho | WeDeliverOmaha