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Simplified approvals. Enhanced efficiency.

Formstack's Approvals add-on gives you everything you need to manage critical business processes, streamline workflows, and save time.

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Access Formstack's powerful Approvals feature.

Add Approvals to your Formstack account to create an online approvals process for projects, hiring, PTO requests, expense reimbursements, and more.

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Simplify tasks.

Set up a streamlined online approvals process to eliminate the hassle of waiting for team members to sign off on projects and requests.

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Stay informed.

Keep everyone in the loop on tasks and requirements. Projects and requests can be approved or denied directly from everyone's email.

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Boost efficiency.

Allocate resources effectively, accomplish more tasks, and keep important projects on track. Your team (and your sanity) will thank you.

Effective business process management.

Steve submits a job application.

His application is submitted for review through a form and is sent to the appropriate approvers.

Marie approves the job application via e-mail.

Marie receives the application, approves, adds her comments, and sends the app to a final approver.

Looks great to me!

Courtney now reviews the application.

Courtney approves of Steve and requests that he be moved to the next stage of the hiring process.


He has great experience! Let's interview him ASAP.

Formstack's Approvals add-on is great for:

Project Management icon

Project Management

Ensure important projects reach successful completion.

PTO Request icon

PTO Requests

Process sick day and vacation requests from employees.

Expense Reimbursement icon

Expense Reimbursements

Get appropriate approvals for reimbursement requests.

Now Hiring Sign icon

Hiring Processes

Make faster hiring decisions with streamlined feedback.

Graduation Cap icon

Student Add/Drop Class Requests

Create an efficient system for processing student requests.

Customer Requests icon

Customer Requests

Improve customer service with a faster response system.

How Twinings of London streamlined finance & accounting processes with Formstack

Twinings was able to save two days worth of work from their internal finance processes by using Formstack's Approvals feature.

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