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How to Save Time and Money at Your Medical Practice

Follow these medical office management tips to create a thriving practice that your patients love.

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In today’s world, managing a medical office isn’t easy. You need to run your practice in the most efficient and profitable way possible, but government regulations often get in the way. However, there are some key areas you can optimize to help your practice thrive no matter what changes are thrown your way. Read on for medical office management tips that will help you better run your practice, enhance professional satisfaction, and improve patient care.

5 Easy Ways to Master Medical Office Management

Streamline your forms

1. Streamline Your Forms

Paper forms are outdated and take too long to process. How many times have you been sent a second copy of a form because your patient thought the first one wasn’t received? Shift to electronic healthcare forms so you can create easy workflows for your staff to follow. For example, after a patient has submitted a form, you can set up a series of tasks that direct other team members to fill in missing information, such as the date of last visit, diagnoses, and current medications. All you need to do at the end is review and sign!

Reduce patient paperwork

2. Reduce Patient Paperwork

Are you including multiple forms in your registration packets because you actually need the information, or because you have always used them? Some forms are not optional, but you can speed up the intake process at your front desk by making it easier for patients to send you information. Use online forms to streamline the entire patient onboarding process. Your patients will form a positive first impression of your facility, and you’ll get all the data you need before they arrive at your office.

Automate repetitive tasks

3. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Tired of doing the same tasks day after day? Automate them and forget them! For example, you can simplify prescription refills by creating an automated refill request system. Just create a form that lets people renew their prescriptions for a select number of months or an entire year. You can then set up custom integrations to route the data to different departments, and create follow-up tasks for your staff to complete.

ProTip: Get a head start by using pre-made healthcare form templates to kick off your workflows.

Simplify prior authorizations

4. Simplify Prior Authorizations

When it comes to patient treatment, prior authorizations are a major bottleneck. Set up a digital approvals system to speed up the process. Just fill out an online form and route the submitted data to the appropriate stakeholders for review. They can then approve or deny the request from their email, allowing you to take immediate action. You could also minimize prior reauthorizations by sending regular surveys to patients to gauge how well they are adhering to their current medications.

Prioritize existing patients

5. Prioritize Existing Patients

Don’t forget your current patients! Reach out to specific groups that require future appointments and are likely to generate additional revenue. Try sending targeted newsletters to patients who are due for annual physical exams, have chronic conditions, or are considered high-risk, like seniors. You could also attempt to reconnect with dormant patients by sending them an email urging them to schedule preventative check-ups.

Want more medical practice management tips? Follow the Formstack blog for best practices, how-tos, and industry updates.

Medical Practice Marketing Quick Wins

Don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your practice’s profits. Follow this medical practice marketing checklist to stand out from your competitors:

Create a better patient experience through branded, digital medical forms.

Use form optimization tools to improve completion rates and streamline processes.

Send satisfaction surveys to patients, and use the results to improve your services.

Regularly respond to reviews on sites like RealSelf, Healthgrades, and Vitals.com.

Be active on social media, and respond to questions and comments from patients.

Ask your patients to review your practice and staff after their appointment.

Did You Know?

When looking for a new doctor, 77% of patients will use online reviews as their first step. Always respond to negative reviews, and encourage your patients to leave their feedback.

Seamless Medical Office Management

Formstack provides a secure data collection solution that can help your medical practice reduce paper, streamline key processes, and improve marketing initiatives. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant solution includes:

Signed Business Associate Agreement

Signed Business Associate Agreement

Secure email and data routing

Secure email and data routing

File upload and electronic signature fields

File upload and electronic signature fields

Optimization tools for patient acquisition

Optimization tools for patient acquisition

Advanced workflow management tools

Advanced workflow management tools

Dedicated support and onboarding

Dedicated support and onboarding

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