Creating the Best Online Job Application Form

Written by Formstack on January 13, 2011

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As you probably know, Formstack’s online form builder is a great tool for businesses, of any size, to help facilitate otherwise tedious processes. What kind of tedious processes you might ask? Well, there are too many to count, but for now, we’ll focus on helping out the local Human Resources department.

We want to show you an example of a helpful Human Resources function of our easy-to-use form builder…the job application. As most of you know, job applications are a necessary part of getting and giving employment. It’s a way for employers to weed out the talented from the untalented, the skilled from the unskilled, and the normal from the crazies. We all know what goes into filling out a normal functioning job application, but what exactly goes into building one?

Below you will find just one example of how to create an online job application. You are more than welcome to make your application as easy or complex as you want. After-all, some businesses need to collect information that other businesses don’t necessarily need.

You can start out by using a blank form or using our pre-built Job Application form.

You can then add additional questions you want to ask such as start date, willingness to relocate, current employment status, and much more. Using conditional logic we can also add a date of graduation if the applicant selects “Student”.

Using conditional logic you can have the applicant choose the way in which they want to submit their resume. For instance, we offer an option to used LinkedIn, a personal website, or Upload a Resume. If the applicant chooses the LinkedIn or website option they will get a text field that will allow them to fill in the correct URL. If they select the upload resume they will then see the upload a file option.

Finally we added more conditional logic allowing the applicant to list their references. Most companies require at least three references so we created three different sections and added a name, email and phone field under each.

Using the Formstack settings we can create a better experience for the applicant, and an easier way to handle the application internally. Using the Emails and Redirects options we display a custom message thanking the applicant for applying and providing information about when someone will be in touch, timeline for interviewing, etc.

Internally you can use the Notification Emails & Smart Routing options to add emails of staff who should receive the application based on how it has been filled out. For instance, if someone is applying for a Sales job, then the application would be sent to the Sales Manager, if someone was applying for a Marketing job the application would be sent to the Marketing Manager.  This is great if you have a few different managers or a manager and HR person etc., who should receive the application.

Once you finish building your online job application you can embed it into your website or send out the URL in an email and begin collecting data.

Check out the finished form here.

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